Polemarchs Message


Polemarch’s Message

To my Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi: I am extremely honored to serve as the new Polemarch of the Louisville (KY) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. As Polemarch of this chapter, I have the pleasure of leading a dynamic team of leaders who are all dedicated to the work of Kappa. The Louisville (KY) Alumni Chapter is continuing to make a difference since its chartering in 1920.

We must continue to build upon the outstanding work which has been completed during those 96 years of service. We have lots of work ahead of us but I know we can get there by being creative and innovative.

We have a set of goals that will help us along in our journey.

1. Continuing to strengthen our Brotherhood

2. Increase membership by reclamation

3. Increase mentoring our undergraduates.

4. Enhancing our community service and guide right programs.

5. Solidify and strengthen the work of our Foundation

6. Enhance our Senior Kappa Program

The Louisville (KY) Alumni Chapter will continue to follow the fraternity objectives and we believe that our best work is still ahead of us. Please visit our social media sites to find out about our upcoming programs and events. Thank you for your commitment to Kappa Alpha Psi and we look forward to your continue support.

Yours truly,

Polemarch Eric Stout